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Spirit of Caring Awards

Volunteering and giving back to our communities should not go unnoticed. To honor those who spend countless hours in support of our mission, the United Way of Effingham County recognized the efforts of volunteers and organizations that have contributed outstanding leadership during the annual campaign for funds through the Spirit of Caring Awards.

Three Spirit of Caring recipients in the categories of Outstanding Volunteer, Outstanding Organization, and Outstanding Board Member are announced at the Board of Director's annual meeting in January of each year.

This is a great opportunity to recognize and reward those who give so much to help our community. They are thoughtful, committed citizens and organizations that continue to help change our world - one activity at a time!  The Spirit of Caring Awards recognizes individuals who are committed citizens and organizations that stand out, giving countless hours to improve the quality of life in Effingham County.


2013 Recipients 

Thelma Keller Convention Center                                                                 
Outstanding Volunteer                                  

Thelma Keller Convention Center has always been an avid supporter of United Way of Effingham County.  They graciously donate meeting space for the United Way Gala, Grants Meetings and Special Events Meetings. In addition, they assist with planning events, donate auction items for the fundraising events, attend the events, and purchase items to help raise funds for United Way.  Their staff also set up tables for the Cheeseburgers in Paradise fundraiser event at the KC Hall, which is greatly appreciated.  Since 2003, they have had a representative on the Board of Directors.  The Thelma Keller Convention Center is passionate about United Way of Effingham County and our community.  We would like to thank the Thelma Keller Convention Center for all they do, and congratulate them on being chosen 2013 Outstanding Volunteer! 


Midland States Bank                                     
Outstanding Organization

Midland States Bank, a 2013 Lead Pacesetter Company, has been a big supporter of United Way of Effingham County, and has conducted employee campaigns for many years.  The 2013 campaign was a record setting year, raising $26,218.  Activities such as Jeans Day, sale of mums, poinsettias, pork loins and ribs, bake sale, soup cook-off, celebrity waiter event at a local restaurant, silent auction of parking spots, lawyer fundraiser, and other events were held to exceed their goal.  They continue to think outside the box on ways to raise money.  This group knows how to raise money and have fun doing it.  Leon Holschbach with Midland States Bank was also a spokesperson for the 2013 campaign video.  Several employees also volunteer to help work various United Way events.  Midland States Bank has representatives on the Board of Directors who are actively involved.  Special thanks to Midland States Bank and their employees for all they do. Congratulations on being chosen 2013 Outstanding Organization!


 Peggy Valenti                                                                                                                       Outstanding  Board Member

Peggy Valenti joined the Board of Directors in 2009 representing Koerner Distributor. She has held various roles on the board, serving on the Campaign Committee, Grants Committee,     Special Events Committee and the Executive Committee.  Peggy served as the 2013 and 2010 Campaign Chair, and served as Board President in 2012.  Her drive, determination and leadership is instrumental in the Koerner Distributor employee campaign, as they recently had a record setting year, raising $13,100 for the 2013 campaign.  Peggy graciously donates to the events and campaigns, helps wherever needed at fundraiser events, and is always willing to share her time and talents.  Peggy is a true asset to the Board of Directors.  Congratulations Peggy on being chosen 2013 Outstanding Board Member!





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